Late Night Links For The Owls

So it’s 11pm PST and I’m not usually on Twitter and other sites, but they are churning tonight and I wanted to share some of the things that conversations are being created around: Ultimate Social Media Resources List – great list Jordan Google allows trademark bidding in the UK – thanks Gooruze news item Could […]

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Work Out Season 3 – SkyLab’s Lisa Quick Wit Gets Her Nowhere

So I fell asleep last night at the end of Work Out, but luckily we have actually DVR! As soon as I walked in the door today, she started on with, “Did you hear what the brand-new manager said about a cancer survivor on Work Out last night?” (pause) As we are both avid watchers […]

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Customer Feedback Gets Interactive

Aside from covering conversational marketing tactics by other companies, I to have a day job like most of you. From 9 to 6pm or sometimes 7 or 8, I’m the Chief Marketing Officer of a new technology startup in Solana Beach, CA called Positive Digital Solutions. We’re setting out to create some innovative platforms for […]

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Why a $3.50 Nonfat White Mocha with Whip Makes My Morning

Most of us are creatures of habit. We wake up to the automated aroma of our Costa Rican breakfast roast, the feeling of the our dog’s slober upon our brow or my soon to be wake-up call from the nursery. These are things that define our mornings; let’s call this series of events micro-actions. Why […]

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Shift Your Giving To Razoo Donations

This post is very timely as we’re just finishing up our taxes for 2007; yes we filed an extension. One of the key areas is “donations.” So I had to flip through emails from all of 2007 to find the ones that were receipts for online donations I had made to organizations that I’ve been […]

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Conversations Around The Web

Today I’m taking the time to point out some insightful blog posts that are focused around conversations, positive change in the world and action. Scott Monty of Crayon leaving focus on one color, Blue. Read the Crayon Manifesto if you call yourself a Social Media Expert … really? I think there are visionaries, strategists, but […]

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My Personal Tweet Cloud

So if you don’t know what Twitter is, it’s a micro-blogging tool to keep people updated on what you’re doing. Simpler than that … You can post endless 140 character posts on what you’re doing and people follow your activity. So I loaded my Tweet Cloud again to see where my textual relevance laid. Check […]

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