7 Ways to boost online sales


There are many people and companies selling products online. The mindset of the general public is that the internet is a place that can make a person an overnight success with just the click of a button. Of course, there is a little more to it than just clicking a button and putting a picture on a web page. The internet is not a free for all place that anything goes. The days of build it and they will come are long gone. There is more content placed on the internet in the last 24 hours than in the first 20 years of its existence. Those numbers are kind of scary when you think about being seen or selling a product online.

All isn’t lost and there are many new comers that are having success. Here are 7 tips to get a boost in your online sales.

  1. Welcome the visitor to your website.

The internet is a great way to reach the world. There has not been a faster way of going from a small home run operation to a global business. Once your company has a webpage with products to sell it is now international. The store can be open 24/7 and open every day of the year.

However, there is one part missing from most websites. That is the personal welcome that you get when you walk into a store. We are still communicable beings that require interaction. Therefore, when a person finds of your website introduce yourself and ensure them that you are there to help them. This can be done with a video. Make sure that they can contact someone if they questions. The technology of today has created a way for customers can get answers now and make a buying decision in minutes.

  1. Have an eye-popping description of your product.

Your product should be described in a way that not only tells what it is but, why it is beneficial to the buyer. There should be multiple pictures showing the dimensions of the item that the potential buyer is researching. Include the dimensions of the item; length, width, height, debt and weight. If you want a bad review just send a person something that doesn’t look like what is on the website. Remember the person cannot touch the product so your description must make them feel as though they already have it in their hands. The benefits should be the first thing that is mentioned. We buy things to solve a problem and to make us feel a certain way. The big screen television is bought because we want to see our program on a large screen to feel the connection to what we want to see.

  1. Have reviews of the product on the page.

Because the potential customer cannot feel the product they will depend on what others have to say. Word of mouth is still the number way to advertise and is the most trusted by customers. Having reviews on the web page can be a deciding factor for many people. No one expects a company to give poor reviews of its own products. Therefore, positive reviews on and off your webpage can affect the sale of the product.

  1. Make the sell easy.

Now that you have the interest of the customer make it easy for them to purchase. Guide them through the process. Have buttons that say check out and next in bold colors is highly recommended to give the customer eyes a direct place to land on. Make sure that all of your links work on a desk top and mobile devices. There are many times that I have been checking out and a broken link was the reason that I voided the transaction. Broken links and incomplete processes can derail buyers’ intentions.

During the process recommend additional items that may be needed to make the product work (batteries) or assist in the assembly. An example would be is the item needs batteries suggest the type and sell them to them. If there are additional items to complement the item to be purchased offer it to them.

  1. Ask for their contact information.

When a person is buying a product they are in a good mood most of the time. This is that best time to ask for their contact information. The way to ask is to inform them of your intentions with their information. An example is to ask for their name and email so that you could send them special offers of products like the one they are about to purchase. Make this offer more than once. If they don’t bite on the first offer then make it again but with a small discount or additional item.

Once you have this information it should be segmented into different list. This is done so that the messages can be more personal to the customer. You don’t want to offer basketball jerseys to a person interested in baseball. Having a list of buyers is a valuable asset to have and will increase future sales.

  1. Offer a guarantee.

This step can make a customer feel better about making the purchase. This does concern the seller because no one wants to lose money. The way to satisfy both the buyer and seller is for the seller to offer a guide to using the product via email.

If you offer a 30-day money back guarantee then you should offer a 45 to 60 day follow-up campaign. Make sure that the buyer knows what they have and how to use it. Give them specific instructions on how to use the item or service. Suggest other uses for the product. This will help to ensure that the buyers will keep the product. This technique may position the seller for future sells.

  1. Make the experience personal.

When following up with the person share some of your information with them. There are a lot of places to buy products today. Since the invention of e-commerce the local store can now be the global store. With that being said, people buy what they want from who they like. Including a personal bio in your nurture series is a great way for customer to get to know you. When your product or service is good and the person feels like they can trust you there will be a long relationship.


Following these 7 things will help boost sells. The hardest part about learning is the implementation of what is learned. Remember to visit Stone Dragon Marketing for more tips on marketing online.


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