Conversations Around The Web

Today I’m taking the time to point out some insightful blog posts that are focused around conversations, positive change in the world and action.

  • Scott Monty of Crayon leaving focus on one color, Blue.
  • Read the Crayon Manifesto if you call yourself a Social Media Expert … really? I think there are visionaries, strategists, but experts? Who knows it all?
  • Follow Doc Searls if you’ve heard of “Markets are conversations” and the Cluetrain Manifesto.
  • If you’re interested on some current news around Social Media Marketing read this and gain some insight into Samsung’s newest campaign.
  • If you’re just getting into this thing called Conversational Marketing, read Kelly’s blog post about using Conversational Marketing to market yourself and read the comments about some marketers’ own manifestos.

I try to update my blog as much as I can, but am currently splitting my time between my Twitter account, Gooruze account, Flickr page, new CMO role with SuggestionBox and being a devoted husband :)

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