Is this Internet Marketing Stuff Necessary?


    Most of us are being bombarded with ads telling us to advertise more. They seem to be everywhere and on almost everything. I recall seeing an ad on a boxers back during a boxing match. Talk about everywhere, I just shook my head and said wow. Our skin is a place that can be bought for advertising today. We see ads so often that we ignore them. However, the question that comes into my mind and maybe even yours is; where should I focus my attention? Should I just worry about the traditional marketing methods? Should I use television, newspaper and other print media? What about this latest trend, the internet?

    It has been said that the best form of advertising is “word of mouth”, right? I believe that we all have heard that one. So if that is the case then why don’t we just focus on building relationships with our potential and current customers? Why are we just throwing the “buy now” brick into their face? The point is, the old way of advertising still works and is always going to work as long as people see the ads. The new ways work because more people see our ads.

    The original question was, is this internet marketing stuff necessary? The answer is yes! Today you want to be where your audience is. Most people have smartphones to search for products and services online. We ask our friends for recommendations and look at online reviews before making our final decision. Social media is the new word of mouth and online reviews help us decide on the benefits of a purchase. The internet marketing is necessary and is here to stay. Internet marketing should be used in conjunction with all other forms of marketing.

    Having a business website that is interactive and social media presence is necessary. The two mediums are not an either or kind of deal. The question that many people have is should I just have a Facebook business page and no website?  Should I just have a website and direct people to it? People should be pointed towards your website to understand more about your company and its relevance to them.  

Next question to answer is….. Should I spend money advertising online or should I only use free methods?

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