There are a lot of companies throwing money away on a daily basis. The majority of them don’t know that they are doing it. The rest just simply don’t know how to stop throwing it away. The way to have ongoing success is to have a great follow-up system.

Here is an example of how a contact system should be set up. We will go through this together so that one can be mapped out to fit your needs. 


Automating your contact with your prospects is the best way to turn them into customers. No matter the product or service the basic setup will be the same.

First you must collect the right information. This will be at least a first name and email address. If you own a business that offers immediate coupons or would like to then a mobile number will also be necessary.

Second you will need a message system that nurtures the prospect. This will be done with a series of messages and offers that all lead to becoming your customer.

Third you will need a way to track the progress of your messages. A good tracking system will inform you of how many messages have been opened.

Fourth you will need the system to tell you who is ready, willing and able to purchase your product or service right now.

The only thing you will have left is to close the sale.

All of this can be set up and monitored by Stone Dragon Marketing.