Custom Website Design by Stone Dragon Marketing

We have been designing websites for more than 10 years. The best thing about designing a website is the satisfaction of creating something useful. When you’re having a website designed a question that should be asked is what would you like to use it for? There are millions of websites on the internet today and your next one will be one of numerous being added to the world wide web daily. Your design should be unique for your business and functional. What I mean be functional is that it should serve a purpose other than looking good.

Purposes of a website

There are a few purposes for a website and they all have different functions. One of those functions is just an informational portal designed to give a visitor information to help them make a decision. There is the lead capture website designed to capture information of your visitors in order to send them information for future sells. It is also designed to drip feed information to the prospect to influence them to be a customer. There are e-commerce websites designed to sell items. We are able to make any kind of website that you may want.

We prefer the create websites in a word press platform because it gives you the option to change things with ease. However, you don’t have to have them done in this fashion. It is merrily a suggestion with your future in mind. Please contact us with your design questions and ideas so that we may help you.